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Monday, December 26, 2011

animal jam

Hi jammers! The weekly jammer this week is gabriel11o7. Congrats!! The scammer to report this week is no one this week! :)  This is walkingwolf100!
                                            The new bunnies only party!
                                                       New Royal Cape!
                                           new donating

                                          Giraffes are here, and much more!
Bye jammers!


  1. im walkingwolf100 im going to be commenting as cassie cuz it wont let me use the username walkingwolf100

  2. idk why all it has is bank account usernames and then google name

  3. i love your blog and i know why that happened u cant get walkingwolf100 as chat thingy cause when you create account you put cassie

  4. now i can make ™ sign now thx for ur other post :D thx so much!

  5. i cant believe at bottom of blog there is a nm with member items!